Hey there! I'm Laura Leuillier.

Founder of Project Dialogue & Career Coach for Millennials & Gen Z who want to find purpose and build meaningful careers they love.

My mission is to help ambitious, high potential young professionals create careers they feel energised and excited about so they can experience more fulfilment, impact, and success in every area of their life.

Learn a bit more about me

If you’re reading this, you’re probably exactly where I was in 2015:


  • Confused, stuck and lost about your true purpose in the workforce and what career you’re really meant to be doing 
  • Sick of applying for jobs and never hearing back 
  • Tired of adhering to someone else’s version of success  


Perhaps, just like I was 5 years ago, you’re unsure about what your calling is, what career path is the right one for you and how on earth you’re supposed to find out. 

Today, I’m a Career Coach empowering Millennials & Gen Z all over the world to find purpose and build careers they love. I live between Rennes, France and Durham, UK with my husband and labrador Maurice. 

Back in 2015, I was a HR assistant in a big, corporate organisation that absolutely sucked my soul. I cried most nights after work. 

So how did I get to where I am now? Here’s my story…

Since the age of 6 years old when I started piano lessons, music has always played a huge role in my life. That was the inspiration behind my decision to “follow my passion” and study my undergraduate degree in Music at a prestigious university in the UK (Durham). 

I soon realised I wanted to keep Music as just a hobby. I applied for a competitive Masters programme in Rennes, France in International Human Resource Management — I was desperate for adventure having spent 21 years in my small hometown of Durham, knew I liked France, and was interested in HR after doing some work experience in recruitment. 

My stay in France was supposed to be for the duration of my Masters, but as luck would have it I ended up meeting my husband to be here. This meant after graduation, I’d have to start looking for jobs in France, in French, when at this point my language skills were pretty poor. 

I rose to the challenge and bagged a HR coordinator position at a big French company. I was ecstatic, but not for long. My boss turned out to be a unsupportive bully who made me feel so worthless, miserable and depleted on a daily basis. As for the work itself, I knew I was interested in HR, but also that it wasn’t my true calling

I dreamed of quitting, but how could I when I had no idea what I’d do instead, in a foreign country with no network? 

I struggled on for a few more months.

Eventually, the misery outweighed my fear and I handed in my notice.

You can find purpose and create a meaningful career you love.

I've done it, helped others do it, and now I want the same for you.

I started a side hustle teaching English to a handful of clients and threw myself into developing my skills as a teacher. I got formally trained at a company in the city; I was happy, but the feeling was short lived. 

The company trained me as promised but the hours were exploitative, my boss was unsupportive and there were very little opportunities to develop, grow, and thrive as an educator. 

Once again, it was time to move on. 

I quit and took the bold decision to create my first entrepreneurial venture, Espace Lingua. Espace Lingua is a business language consultancy providing innovative language training solutions in a wide range of formats all across France. I grew the team to over 11 people, and it’s still operating today. It was my first business success. 

As a Business English trainer, I found myself working with top professionals from all walks of life in exciting tech start ups and more established organisations, helping them boost their career skills and upgrade their confidence. I loved what I was doing, helping others accelerate their career success, and so decided to get qualified as a professional Career Coach. 

Project Dialogue was born. 

I have carved out a path that feels aligned to who I am and is truly meaningful to me. I’ve been fulfilled ever since. 

Perhaps you’re wondering why I called it Project Dialogue, and not ‘Amazing Careers’ or something like that — I want Project Dialogue to be centered around having those important conversations with ourselves and with others that we haven’t had before: taking the time to find out who we are, what our “why” is, and what career would be best suited to us so we can experience more success, impact and fulfilment in every area of our lives. 

My mission is to leverage my expertise in HR, Education, Organisational Training & Development and Coaching to empower ambitious young professionals to find purpose, brand themselves effectively and attract incredible career opportunities so they can do work they love. 

Career decisions don’t have to be difficult. It’s about figuring out how to align who you are as a person to the ideal career options out there for you. 

I know for a fact that finding the right career for you can be LIFE CHANGING. 

Ready? Then let’s get started! 

Only 29% of Millennials are engaged in their jobs — that's the sad reality

It’s become normal to live for the weekends and acceptable to dislike what you do for most of your waking hours. 

This reality sucks, because you work hard to get where you are. You get good grades, get the degree, do the internships and the work experience… to end up feeling dissatisfied, unfulfilled and lost. 

The Millennial & Gen Z generations have SO much potential that right now isn’t being leveraged.  It is my mission to make sure all of that talent, passion and drive doesn’t go to waste. 

You shouldn’t have to feel like you’re wasting your time in jobs that don’t make you happy or make you feel like you’re not living up to your potential. 

It’s so exhausting constantly trying to think your way into clarity, hoping that by job hopping “it’ll all work out” and you’ll find your purpose and career fulfilment. 

This ends now.

Now is your time to commit to change and build a career that energises and excites you. 

Ready to create the life and career you've always wanted?

As your career coach I'll help you craft a killer career strategy so you can execute your next career move with total confidence and conviction

A Few Fun Facts About Me

My favourite sport is football. I started playing when I was around 4 years old for fun and then competitively with my local team. I support Newcastle United and still enjoy going to watch a home game at St James’ Park when I can!

I’m a grade 8 pianist and have an undergrad degree in Music. 

I met my French husband whilst working at an Irish bar in Brittany to help fund my studies. I was due to graduate from my Masters degree in the May and then return back to England, but this serendipitous meeting changed everything. Six years later and we are happily married, and are based between France & the UK. 

I love long walks outside with my family, friends and gorgeous Labrador Maurice (he’s Bilingual). I also love trying out new restaurants where I live and in new cities around the world.

A few of my favourite things: chocolate, travelling and cooking. My favourite country so far is New Zealand, where we went on our honeymoon. 

My bucket list travel destinations: Australia, Argentina, South Africa.

I can’t live without it in the morning: a nice strong coffee and a cuddle from my dog.

I believe in the value of life-long learning, always staying curious and never taking yourself too seriously! 

Everyone deserves a fulfilling, successful and high impact career

With the right guidance, support and tools, it is possible for everyone
now is your time

My Official Bio

Laura Leuillier is a career coach for purpose-driven Millennials & Gen Z who want to find their true purpose in the workforce and build meaningful careers they love, so they can experience more fulfilment, impact and success in every area of their life. 

She helps ambitious and high potential young professionals find their why, craft killer personal brands and land their dream job so they can create careers they feel energised and excited about. 

Her firm, Project Dialogue, provides expert, unfiltered and modern careers advice that gets real results.

When she isn’t empowering Millennials & Gen Z to pursue careers that connect them to a larger purpose, you can find Laura going on long walks, travelling the world with her husband, playing the piano or building her business from a cosy café in town. 

You can stay up to date with all her latest news (and enjoy cute pictures of her Labrador, Maurice) on Instagram @project.dialogue