Career Power Up


It’s time to stop settling for “good enough” and design a career that brings you the purpose, fulfillment and financial security you deserve


Career Power Up is a 10 week 1:1 coaching programme designed for ambitious professionals who are ready to make bold career moves and land better paying jobs or start profitable businesses so they can live out their version of success.

You dream of doing impactful work in a company that’s aligned to your values

You know you've got so much potential

But right now, you're overworked, underpaid and underappreciated


→ Lost and unhappy in your career – you know it’s time for a change but you don’t know what or how

→ Unsure on your skills, strengths and what you bring to the table – you know you wouldn’t be able to articulate these effectively to a recruiter or hiring manager 

→ Unclear on your personal brand or how to position yourself as the first choice candidate in an interview 

→ Fed up of not getting results in your job search – you’ve been applying for months and have seen little to no results 

→ Lacking confidence in your ability to achieve your career goals and move to the next step

→ Dreaming of a pay rise so you can live the lifestyle you want – but it feels so out of reach right now 

→ Wishing you worked at a company aligned with your values where they respected you as a human being and your right to a life outside of work 


Introducing Career Power Up

Your fast track ticket to career success and happiness.

Career Power Up is for people who are ready to stop break free from their mediocre jobs and create careers that give them the purpose, fulfillment and financial security they deserve. 

That could look like a total career change to something completely different, it could look like an upwards or lateral move in a similar industry, it could even look like starting a business or side hustle. 

It’s for people who know what it is they want from their next move but don’t know how to get there. It’s also for people who aren’t sure what career path is right for them and need help figuring that out. 

The content of the programme mixes confidence development tools, life design principles, career development exercises, personal branding strategies, and results oriented job search techniques that come together to make the ultimate career success accelerator.

In other words, you’ll learn everything you need to build a career that reflects your version of success. 


Inside Career Power Up, I've help my clients:

→ Land dream jobs at highly coveted companies (think The Muse, Warner Media, Stitch Fix, Disney and Stanford Medical School) and secure salary increases of $ 30k +

→ Launch highly successful side hustles bringing in $100,000+ within the first 6 months of business

→ Make successful 360 career pivots from industries as different as Finance to HR, Real Estate to Social Impact and Production to Environmental Consulting (without having to start over, go back to school or take pay cuts)

→ Get promoted in their current roles and secure $ 20k pay rises (even in the midst of a recession)

→ Win places to study Master’s programmes at some of the world’s most prestigious universities (Georgetown, Berkeley & Sciences Po Paris)


IF you’re not happy in your career, now is the time to do something about it.

Life is too short to hate what you do

It's time to stop settling and start thriving!

Here's Exactly What We Cover In Career Power Up:

Session 1

Career Assessment

We hit the ground running by outlining your career story so far: what worked, what didn’t and why, and what this means for your career future.

By the end of the session, you will know why you are where you are today and the first steps you should be taking to upgrade your career.  

Session 1

Session 2

Define Your Values

In this session, we will identify your core values and what you need to be happy and fulfilled at work. 

You’ll finish session 2 with a much better understanding of who you are and what’s important to you, which will help you start brainstorming aligned career paths. 

Session 2

Session 3

Design Your Life

Session 3 is all about establishing your own version of success. You’ll identify your non-negotiables and set your boundaries to ensure balance, well-being and fulfillment in your future. 

By the end of this session, you’ll understand how your career choices affect your life as a whole and you’ll have intentionally created a vision of what you want your life to look like. 

Session 3

Session 4

Identify Your Strengths & Transferable Skills

Determine what you’re naturally good at and what skills you’ve acquired throughout your life.

By the end of this session, you’ll be able to identify which career paths are a great match with your talents and skillset.

Session 4

Session 5

Create Your Career Development Action Plan

Consider the different career paths open to you, and the suitability of each one.

By the end of this session, you’ll have clarity on what career path is right for you and what steps you need to take to make it happen.

Session 5

Session 6

Craft A Stand Out Personal Brand 

In this session, we’ll uncover your value proposition and identify how you can market yourself effectively in a way that resonates with your dream employers.

Session 6

Session 7

Revamp Your Job Applications 

Optimise every aspect of your job application including your Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile so you effortlessly attract interviews and offers.

Session 7

Session 8

Modern Job Search Strategy 

Learn how to target companies directly, create a strategic network, build powerful relationships that will give you the upperhand in your job search and put you in front of exclusive opportunities, all so you can get hired as quickly as possible. 

Session 8

Session 9

Interview Technique & Salary Negotiation Tactics 

Learn how to nail your interview and powerfully position yourself as the leading candidate for the job. 

You will also learn salary negotiation techniques so you can confidently ask for and secure the number you deserve.

Session 9

Session 10

Thrive At Work & In Life

Last, we will set meaningful goals so you succeed in your new position.

Together, we’ll map out a strategic 90 day action plan to help keep you on track and ensure you’re showing up as your best and authentic self in your new role. 

* If you haven’t landed a new role yet, we’ll put together an action plan for the next 90 days so you continue moving forward in your job search. 

Session 10

Career Power Up Success Stories

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Power Up

100% of Career Power Up clients made back their initial investment (and have secured secured salary increases of up to 150%)

Power Up

100% of Career Power Up clients would recommend the programme

Power Up

100% of Career Power Up clients said that their career objectives were met (new jobs, promotions, acceptance into prestigious Master’s programmes, starting new businesses…) 

My Career Power Up clients have landed interviews and offers at the likes of:

The Goods - Here's Exactly What You're Getting

Project dialogue

→ 10 1:1 Personalised Coaching Calls (1 75 Minute Onboarding Session, 9 60 Minute Sessions) — recorded so you have lifetime access, anywhere and anytime (Value $ 2000)

→ Workbooks, done-for-you templates, study resources and assignments between coaching sessions to move you forward and help you see results fast (Value $ 500)

→ Unlimited email support between sessions (Value $ 500)

 → Support with all job applications made during the programme (Value $ 500)

→ Career development booklist to inspire you and help you grow personally and professionally (Value $ 50)

→ Gallup Top 5 CliftonStrengths Assessment (Value $ 20)



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Career Power Up Flexible Payment Plan



Career Power Up Success Stories

Client Achievements

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The Career Power Up Difference

Laura pace

Career Power Up is structurally underpinned by my signature 4 step Career Success Framework Evaluate → Explore → Action → Thrive which has been proven time and time again to get results and is also flexible enough to be tailored to you and your story.

Career Power Up has helped hundreds of clients from all over the world get unstuck and successfully move to the next step in their career. That has looked like radical career changes, landing new jobs in similar industries and even starting new businesses. 

On top of that, my Career Power Up clients have secured salary increases of up to 150% thanks to the job search strategies and career development frameworks I teach inside the programme. 

The difference with Career Power Up is that it takes a holistic approach to career development. I fully believe your career is just one part of your identity and isn’t the only source of your happiness and fulfillment in life.

That’s why during the programme, I encourage you to define what role you want your career to play in your life overall and explore the career choices that will complement and suit the lifestyle you want to live. 

Career Power Up doesn’t just help you land any job – you could do that on your own. It supports you to land the RIGHT job for you – the one that’s going to bring you the purpose, fulfillment and financial freedom you deserve and allow you to live out your version of success. 

Ready to be my next success story?