About Me

About me Laura

Former HR Professional & Successful Entrepreneur turned Career Coach for ambitious Millennials and Gen Z

I teach you how to design a life and career that reflects your version of success.

Project dialogue
Project dialogue LAURA

If you’re reading this, you’re probably exactly where I was in 2015:

Overworked, underpaid and stressed out.

Disconnected from my work and living for the weekends. 

Full of imposter syndrome and lacking confidence in my ability to achieve my goals. 

Life couldn’t be more different for me now. I have a successful career I enjoy that brings me impact, fulfillment and financial security. I have confidence in what I bring to the table. I don’t dread Mondays anymore because I genuinely love what I do. 

And now I want to help other young professionals just like you do the same. 

Here's My Story

From beginning in small university town in the North East of England to becoming a 6 figure business owner in France…

After graduating from a top French business school with a degree in International Human Resources Management, I secured a role as a HR Coordinator in France’s gas and electricity giant EDF (now known as Engie).

I couldn’t have been happier. A new job in a new country in a new language… I had stars in my eyes and the future seemed bright. 

I came crashing back down to earth 3 months later however, when I realized how miserable my new role was making me. 

My boss was a bully, the company culture was toxic, and there were very few opportunities to learn, grow and develop as a professional. 

I told myself to stick it out and that things would get better – they had to, right? But of course they didn’t. They got worse and as I hated my job more and more, other aspects of my life started to suffer. 

I had a massive dip in confidence and self esteem. I developed anxiety because I was constantly worrying about work. My relationship was suffering because I was so stressed out all the time. 

Project dialogue

A difficult decision lay ahead. Quit, in a foreign country, with no network, and no job prospects (work as an expat is relatively hard to come by in France)… Or stay where I was, resign myself to my fate and accept being unhappy. 

Although my confidence was rock bottom and I didn’t have a plan, something shifted inside of me and I decided I simply couldn’t continue being this unhappy. 

I knew I deserved more and I knew things wouldn’t improve. 

I realized I needed to quit before my manager and that company did any more damage. 

And so I did. 

I took the plunge and decided to retake control of my life and career. 

And it was the best thing I ever did...

What happened next


I started a side hustle teaching English

I decided to stay in France (largely to make my relationship work) and set up a side hustle teaching English to earn some extra money between jobs. I found out – much to my surprise – I absolutely loved it! I then decided to get properly qualified and did my TEFL certification.



I got a full-time teaching job

I got a job as a full-time teacher in a big language school in the city where I was based: Rennes, the capital of Brittany.

I was happy for a while, but once again it was short lived. 

When the honeymoon phase wore off, I realized I was in an exploitative zero hours contract, was being paid minimum wage and that my boss expected me to put up with all of this to “prove myself” before being offered more favorable conditions.



I created my first business – Espace Lingua

Having learnt from my past experiences (a company is never going to change its culture for you) I quit my full-time job and decided to go out on my own. 

I went all in on myself and created my first entrepreneurial venture, Espace Lingua. Espace Lingua is a language school for organizations and individuals who want to speak confidently and naturally in a different language in order to achieve their business goals. 

I grew Espace Lingua from nothing into a 6 figure business with a portfolio of prestigious clients and expanded the team to 11+ teachers based all over France. 

During my time as a Business English trainer, I found myself working 1:1 and in small groups with all sorts of people, in exciting start ups to more established organizations. On the surface, I was coaching them to improve their English, but it often went much deeper. I was also helping them navigate the international job market, prepare for interviews, upgrade Resumes and overcome self-doubt. 

These experiences served as the inspiration to get professionally certified as a Career Coach.



I got married

I got married and after a wonderful honeymoon in New Zealand, invested in my own professional development and started my coaching certification with Erickson International, all whilst still running my language teaching business Espace Lingua.  



I got certified as a Professional Career Coach

I finished my coaching programme and got certified as a Professional Career Coach. 

I took some time out to really think about who I wanted to serve through my career coaching and niche down on my offers. 



Project Dialogue was born

I noticed a huge gap in the market for quality career advice for Millennials & Gen Z who want to have successful careers without sacrificing their happiness and well-being. 

The essence of Project Dialogue is about teaching you the strategies, systems and tools you need to create a career that brings you the purpose, fulfillment and financial security you deserve. 

It’s about empowering you to take ownership over your career and find work that doesn’t leave you absolutely dreading Monday mornings.

You may be wondering why I called my company “Project Dialogue”. 

The core of Project Dialogue is about conversation. Conversation with ourselves and with others to understand who we are on a deeper level and what we truly want. Only then can we design lives and careers that reflect our individual version of success. 


The Inspiration Behind Project Dialogue

Two realities inspired me to start my coaching practice:

There is a real lack of quality careers advice out there for young professionals who want to succeed in their careers and simultaneously prioritize their well-being and happiness.  


Only 29% of Millennials are engaged in their jobs, meaning that way too many young professionals are in jobs they find unfulfilling and dissatisfying – this statistic is so depressing and needs to change.

About me Laura

Why should anyone care about that?

→ Because there is a huge source of untapped potential in this generation that right now is going to waste.

→ Because this is bad for business. Millennials and Gen Z are the future of our organisations. Failure to adapt to changing priorities and new ways of working will undoubtedly make it very difficult to attract and retain top talent.

→ And finally, because life is too short to be in a career that makes you miserable.

It’s about time we dispelled the myth that you have to trade career success for happiness.

In helping young professionals design careers they love, Project Dialogue is here to build a better workforce of the future that will lead the world and its companies in a more human, compassionate and sustainable way.

Project dialogue

A Few Facts About Me

My favourite sport is football. I started playing when I was around 4 years old for fun and then competitively with my local team. I support Newcastle United and still enjoy going to watch a home game at St James’ Park when I can!

I’m a grade 8 pianist and have an undergrad degree in Music.

I met my French husband whilst working at an Irish bar in Brittany to help fund my studies. I was due to graduate from my Master’s degree in the May and then return back to England, but this serendipitous meeting changed everything. We are now happily married, and are based between France & the UK.

I love long walks outside with my family, friends and gorgeous Labrador Maurice. I also love trying out new restaurants where I live and in new cities around the world.

A few of my favourite things: chocolate, travelling and cooking. My favourite country so far is New Zealand, where we went on our honeymoon. 

My bucket list travel destinations: Australia, Argentina, Japan.

I can’t live without it in the morning: a nice strong coffee and a cuddle from my dog.

I believe in the value of life-long learning, always staying curious and never taking yourself too seriously!