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Who You Are

You did everything you were supposed to do: 

✔️ You got your education. 

✔️ You worked hard. 

✔️ You care deeply about your career.

On the outside, you’re successful. But you just can’t shake the feeling that something is missing

Maybe you’re an entry-level professional in your 20s, or maybe you’re a more seasoned professional in your 30s.

  Wherever you are in your career, one thing is certain: you know your career could be better and you know it’s time for change. 

Maybe you’ve got an idea what your next best move is (you’ve spotted your dream company/ideal promotion/geographical move/graduate scheme/Masters programme, but you don’t have a clear roadmap to get there).

But maybe you’ve got no idea at all where to go next. 

Either way, you know you’re ambitious, got big goals and high standards, but you are scared of making the wrong decision or of failing.

But what’s even scarier is the thought of not doing anything and not finding the answers you’re looking for. 

You’ve made the decision that staying stuck, unfulfilled and is not an option for you. You’re committed to figuring out your true purpose in the workforce, and building a career you truly love.

How You Feel

→  Fed up, disappointed and overwhelmed in your current situation. You know you don’t want just “another job” that pays the bills — you know you want a meaningful job that fulfils you, but you don’t know where to get started to make that happen.

→  Tired of constantly switching between options, never getting any clarity or commitment either way

→  Stagnant in your career — perhaps you’re convincing yourself you should be grateful to have job in the first place, but the reality is you’re just not where you want to be anymore.

→ Like you’re wasting your time in your career, but at the same time trapped because you’ve put in time & money to get to where you are. You’re not sure how to identify and package your transferable skills.

→  You’re restless with all the potential and passion you know you’re not using in your current role or company, and you’re sick of letting your life and career just happen to you.

→  Demoralised and discouraged—you’ve applied for a few roles (or maybe hundreds) but didn’t hear anything back, leaving your confidence in shreds and you doubting whether you should be making a move at all.

→  Full of ambition and like you’re ready to commit to change, but are afraid you’ll make the wrong decision and of failing.

→  You’re weighed down by the career overwhelm. You’re unsure where start to and how to actually get closer to building a meaningful career you love, and getting paid what you’re worth 

What You're Looking Fora strategic and intentionally designed career

⚡️ Clarity on your true purpose in the workforce and awareness of the best career paths out there for you 

⚡️ Killer career strategy so you can build a meaningful career that excites and energises you

⚡️ Unshakeable confidence and an upgraded mindset to set yourself up for success 

⚡️ Deep understanding of yourself and enhanced self-awareness 

⚡️ Professional assessment of your strengths and skillset 

⚡️ Stand out personal brand and personal marketing strategy that differentiates you from the competition 

⚡️ Strategies to communicate your unique value and position yourself as a top quality hire, even with limited experience  

⚡️ CV and Cover Letter that attracts more career opportunities and lands you the interview 

⚡️ Levelled-up LinkedIn profile that gets you results 

⚡️ Networking strategies to create meaningful, powerful and influential relationships both online and offline 

⚡️ Interview technique so you shine even under pressure 

⚡️ Salary negotiation techniques so you can get paid what you’re worth 

⚡️ Action plan to achieve your career goals faster and easier; ability to set weekly, monthly and quarterly goals — and actually stick to them 

⚡️ Strategies to stay accountable, motivated and on track

Introducing Project Dialogue's Career Success Framework

The System For You 

Step 1: Evaluate

Step 2: Brainstorm 

Step 3: Action 

All of my coaching programmes are based on this signature 3 step framework that gets real results. 

step one: evaluate


The Evaluation phase is all about taking stock of your life and career. Here we focus on determining who you are, your purpose, and what you want in your life and career. We also assess what’s working and what’s not in your current career, and why.

In these first few sessions, I’ll ask you lots of questions about you and your career, using personalised coaching tools and personality assessments: what you like, what you don’t like, what you’re good at, what your values are, what you need to be fulfilled at work and what type of environment you thrive in. 

These tools will help me as your career coach start thinking about where they may be a disconnect between what you’re doing now and your true purpose in the workforce. We can then start considering what career paths may be aligned to your strengths and values in life. 

Together, we’ll create a vision for the career you want; that is suited to who you are and the impact you want to have in the world. We’ll also explore your current mindset and evaluate which areas we may need to develop to move forward. Once we’ve identified these limiting beliefs, I’ll help you release them so you feel empowered to move forward with confidence and conviction. 

If you’re buying into beliefs like “I’m not good enough to change”, or “I’m afraid to change”, or “I can’t just leave”, or even “I feel so stuck it’s like I’m paralysed” — I want to change that for you. The only thing that is “stuck” is your way of thinking, and we will work together to upgrade your mindset so you see the world differently and the many possibilities that are open to you.

step TWO: Brainstorm


The Brainstorm phase is all about helping you see all of the different types of careers that are out there for you, and assessing the next best step. As your coach, I’ll take everything you share with me and compile a list of career paths that are accessible to you, some of which you may never even have considered. 

It’s my job to introduce options that exist for you beyond your own awareness. I will provide you with clarity tools, exercises and resources to enhance your self-awareness, and uncover your career motivations, values, natural gifts, core skillset, personality, and career interests. 

Collectively, this will help you identify, assess and reflect on the suitability of specific job ideas and the attractiveness of each option. We’ll dive deep in our analysis, looking carefully at what job would suit you, and also, crucially, what job you actually want to do. I will inspire you to think big, think better, and way outside of the box. 

We will then whittle down your options into a short list that you can pursue, so you can start to crystallise your preferred future. 

There are no limitations to what is possible.  

step Three: action

Now you know who you are, what you’re good at, and the best options out there for you, it’s time to commit to a path you’re truly excited about. The action phase is all about supporting you with the tools you need to make your career vision become a reality. This includes: 

Crafting a personal brand

Refining your elevator pitch 

CV & Cover Letter writing 

Optimising your LinkedIn 

Salary negotiation 

Networking strategies 

Interview preparation 

Create your action plan: stay on track and set weekly, monthly and quarterly goals using SMARRT goal framework  

Whether your objective is to stay in a career related to the one you’re currently in, or make a total change, I will help you accelerate your job search so you can attract more career opportunities, without necessarily having to take a pay cut. 

In A Nutshell, Here's What We'll Cover:

Mindset Shifts

Get out of your own way! Develop confidence and mindset you need to go after your goals with unshakeable conviction and make your dream career a reality.


Discover your true purpose and determine what you want so you can intentionally design a career feels like YOU.


Market yourself strategically and position yourself as the high value, high quality hire you are (even if you have little to no experience)


Up-level your job hunt strategy, create stand out applications so you can attract more career opportunities, and shine at interview so you land that beautiful job you deserve.

Ready To Get Started Creating Your Ideal Life and Career?Whether you want to make a total career pivot, or create more success in your current career, let's get started together

Here’s how it works:

✔️ Book a complimentary discovery call

✔️ We’ll hop on the call to make sure we’re a perfect fit

✔️ Get ready to transform your life and career!

90 Minute Deep Dive

Achieve your career goals faster and easier within a specific area and craft a strategic action plan to stay accountable and on track.

Example Topics: CV & Cover Letter Audit, LinkedIn Profile Optimisation, Interview Preparation, Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, Salary Negotiation, Networking Strategy, Clarity on Your Career Aspirations...

  • 1 90 Minute 1:1 Coaching Call
  • Email/Whatsapp support for one week after session
  • Lifetime access to the private Facebook Group for online support from me as your coach + other purpose-driven young professionals around the world. 

Career Power Up

Jumpstart Your Career Success & Execute Your Next Career Move With Confidence & Conviction.

Or 3 Payments of € 402
  • 6 1:1 Coaching Calls (1 75 Minute Onboarding Session, 5 50 Minute Sessions)
  • Professional Assessment of Your Strengths & Skillset
  • Workbooks, study resources and assignments between coaching sessions to move you forward and help you see results fast.
  • Email/Whatsapp support between sessions and for one month after programme’s end.
  • Lifetime access to the private Facebook Group for online support from me as your coach + other purpose-driven young professionals around the world. 

  • BONUS PAY IN FULL: One extra 50 minute coaching call to be used at a time convenient to you.

The Ultimate Career Accelerator

Project Dialogue’s Premium Coaching Package: In-depth Coaching & Consulting to Successfully Reinvent, Refocus and Reclaim Your Career

Or 3 Payments of € 596
  • 9 1:1 Coaching Calls (1 75 Minute Onboarding Session, 9 50 Minute Sessions)
  • Professional Assessment of Your Strengths & Skillset
  • Workbooks, study resources and assignments between coaching sessions to move you forward and help you see results fast.
  • Email/Whatsapp support between sessions and for one month after programme’s end.
  • Curated booklist to inspire you and help you grow personally and professionally.
  • Lifetime access to the private Facebook Group for online support from me as your coach + other purpose-driven young professionals around the world. 

  • BONUS PAY IN FULL: One extra 50 minute coaching call to be used at a time convenient to you.

Imagine How Your Life Would Change If You Had An Intentional Vision For Your Career — One That Was In Total Alignment To Who You Are?It's time to build a career that feels like you

In all of my coaching programmes, we work through my Career Success Framework to take you from feeling stuck, lost and overwhelmed to feeling empowered, motivated and ready to accelerate your career success. 

I’ve developed this framework throughout my experience working as a successful entrepreneur and as a HR professional for organisations in France and in the UK. I’ve used it to to coach purpose-driven Millennials & Gen Z from all over the world, taking them from feeling stuck and unsure to excited, motivated, and ready to power up to the next level in their career. 

I’ve also used this framework to design my own purpose-driven career. For me, that means helping people figure out their true purpose and build meaningful careers they love, all while being able to be location independent. 

I can’t wait to help you do the same. 

You Have Two Choiceshow would you feel, if, in one year from now, you were in the exact same position?

Bored, anxious, stressed, unfulfilled, restless, stuck… all the stuff you don’t want. 

Cue trying to figure it all out for yourself: Google, how do I find out what I want to do with my life? 😕

Cue scrolling LinkedIn hoping that something will magically pop up on your page to help point you in the right direction. 

Cue trying to convince yourself “it’ll all work out”.

Sound familiar?

You’ve already tried the DIY thing, and it hasn’t produced results. Applying cookie cutter advice to your personal situation isn’t likely to be much help.

But it’s normal to try and find a solution in this way, because we aren’t taught an alternative.

To really know what your next best career step is, you need expert guidance, a plan, and a step-by-step framework that can be adapted to fit you and your story. 

The alternative? Stay stuck. Stay in the same place you are now. 

We spend 90,000 hours of our life at work. 

Let’s make it count.

What Are You Waiting For? There's Never Been A Better Time To Invest In Your Future ⚡️ Imagine how incredible it would feel to be genuinely excited to go to work on Mondays?

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