Career Power Up

The Success Accelerator To Landing Your Next Career Defining Opportunity & Confidently Designing The Life You Want

Want a career that is purpose driven, aligned to your values and lets you live out your own version of success? You're in the right place.

Can You Relate?

You did everything you were supposed to do: 

You got your education ✔️

You worked hard ✔️

You got hired ✔️

By society’s standards, you’re successful. 

But deep down, you know something is missing. 

Whether you’re a fresh graduate, mid level professional or high flying executive,  you know three things : 

Your career could be better.

You’re tired of adhering to someone else’s version of success.

You want to experience more happiness, flexibility and fulfillment in every area of your life.

What You're Looking For

Confidence in your ability to set and achieve your career goals.

 Clarity on your ideal career path and what your next move should be.

Enhanced self-awareness on who you are, what’s important to you and what your version of success looks like.

A deep understanding of your values, strengths and transferrable skills.

A compelling personal brand so you attract the best opportunities.

An optimized Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn that positions you as an in-demand candidate that companies can’t wait to interview.

Modern job search strategies that get you noticed in today’s hyper competitive marketplace.

Interview techniques so you shine and stand out…  even under pressure. 

 Salary negotiation tactics so you get paid what you’re worth. 

A strategic action plan to make sure you impress during the first 90 days in your new role.

A fulfilling career that fits your values and allows you to live the lifestyle YOU want… think increased happiness, more flexibility, better pay…

Project Dialogue's Career Success Framework

The System For You 

Step 1: Evaluate

Step 2: Explore

Step 3: Action 

Step 4: Thrive

All of my coaching programmes are based on this signature 4 step framework that is then personalized to you and your story. 

step one: evaluate

The Evaluation phase is all about taking stock of your life and career.

This means making sense of your career so far, understanding the choices you made, why you made them, what worked and what didn’t. It also means appraising how you’re currently living your life, and what may need to change for you to experience greater happiness and fulfillment. 

Mindset also plays an important role in this first phase. We’ll  identify any limiting beliefs that are stopping you from moving to the next step and creating the life and career you really want. If you’re telling yourself things like “I’m not good enough”, “I’ll never make it happen”, “I’m going to fail so why bother trying”, I’ll help you craft a much more empowering, positive narrative that sets you up for success. 

We will also work on heightening your self-awareness so you can see yourself objectively and clearly, and are able to understand who you truly are. I use personalized coaching tools along with professional strength assessments to help you gain clarity on your purpose, the type of careers you’re likely to find fulfilling, and what sort of environment you’d thrive in. 

Collectively, this will all help you make better career and life decisions moving forward so you can intentionally design your future.

step TWO: Explore

The Explore phase is all about helping you see all of the different types of careers that are out there for you, some of which you may have never considered before. 

We’ll do a deep dive analysis into your career motivations, interests and identity to further enhance your self-awareness. Using clarity tools and visualization exercises, we’ll then compile a list of career paths that seem interesting and inspiring to you.

The next stage is reflecting on the suitability of specific job ideas and the attractiveness of each option, so you can start crystallizing your preferred future. 

step Three: action

Now it’s about committing to a career path you feel truly excited about, and putting together an action plan to make it happen. 

We’ll set your goal(s) and reverse engineer the process, working backwards to establish what steps you need to take and when to succeed. We’ll also define how you’ll track your progress as well as any additional resources you may need to tap into. 

step Four: Thrive

You’ve landed your next career-defining opportunity, what next?*

Now it’s about making sure you’ve got all the tools in place to succeed in your new role whilst simultaneously establishing healthy boundaries so you can maintain the lifestyle you desire.

 We’ll put together a strategic action plan for the first 90 days on the job, ensuring you make progress towards your goals, stay accountable, build relationships and skills, prioritize your time effectively, show up with confidence, and continue to grow, develop and thrive as a professional. 

* If you haven’t landed a new position at the end of our time together, don’t worry. We’ll put together a clear action plan and accountability strategy for the next 90 days so you continue moving forward.

In A Nutshell, Here's What We'll Cover:

Mindset Shifts

Level up your mindset, build your confidence and develop your self-belief so you set yourself up for success.

Lifestyle Design

Determine your values and beliefs so you can intentionally craft a lifestyle that is aligned to your overarching purpose and top priorities.

Career Clarity

Develop your self-awareness and discover what career path(s) will bring you happiness, fulfillment and success so you can make the right choice moving forwards.

Personal Branding

Understand your story, identify your transferable skills and market yourself strategically so you attract the opportunities that really excite you (even if you have little to no experience, or are a career changer).

Job Search Success

Optimize every aspect of your application and learn the most cutting-edge, modern job search strategies so you land interviews and offers at companies you really care about.


Get all the tools you need to impress during the first 90 days in your new role. Show up with confidence and authenticity, create powerful relationships and watch yourself glow from the inside out as you step into your full potential.

Ready To Commit To That Life Changing Career Upgrade?Whether you want to make a total career change or stay within your current industry, let's get started together.

Here’s how it works:

✔️ Book a complimentary career consultation call

✔️ We’ll chat to make sure we’re a great fit

✔️ Your journey to career happiness and success begins

Introducing Career Power Up

The 10 Session Success Accelerator That Empowers You To Make Your Next Career Defining Move And Confidently Design The Life You Want

Here's Exactly What You Get In Career Power Up:

Session 1

Level Up Your Mindset 

Overcome any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back, build your confidence and set yourself up for success.

Session 1

Session 2

See Yourself Clearly

Develop your self-awareness so you can understand who you truly are. Identify your values, beliefs, purpose, the impact you want to have in the world, and
what you need to feel happy and fulfilled. 

Session 2

Session 3

Design Your Lifestyle

Establish your own version of career and life success. Identify your non-negotiables. Set your boundaries to ensure balance, well-being and fulfillment. 

Intentionally craft a lifestyle that is aligned to who you are and what you consider important.

Session 3

Session 4

Identify Your Strengths & Transferable Skills

Determine what you’re naturally good at, what skills you’ve acquired during your life and what problems you could be paid to help solve. 

Session 4

Session 5

Create Your Career Development Plan

Consider the different career paths open to you, and the suitability of each one. Choose a career that feels in full alignment to your values, strengths and purpose, and reflects your version of success. Build your career development action plan to make it happen. 

Session 5

Session 6

Build Your Personal Brand 

Own your story, connect with your target audience and communicate your unique value proposition. 

Session 6

Session 7

Revamp Your Job Applications 

Optimize every aspect of your job application including your Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile so you stand out in today’s hyper competitive market.  

Session 7

Session 8

Leverage Cutting-Edge Job Search Strategies

Create a strategic network, build powerful relationships and tap into the hidden job market to attract new and exciting opportunities. 

Session 8

Session 9

Nail The Interview & Get Paid Your Worth

Learn how to shine at interview and position yourself as the leading candidate. Negotiate your salary so you get paid what you’re worth. 

Session 9

Session 10

Thrive At Work & In Life

Set meaningful goals and healthy boundaries so you thrive in your new position and maintain the lifestyle you desire. 

This includes a strategic 90 day action plan to help keep you on track and ensure you’re showing up as your best self. 

If you haven’t landed your next career defining opportunity yet, we’ll put together an action plan and accountability strategy for the next 90 days so you continue moving forward.

Session 10

Career Power Up

I know you want a meaningful, high impact and successful career that allows you to live the life you want. But when you’re going at it alone, trying to figure everything out for yourself, it can feel really, really hard.

Career Power Up is the ultimate success accelerator. It will empower you with the tools you need to make your next career defining move with confidence and design the lifestyle you desire.

This transformational programme has been designed to take you from unfulfilled and dissatisfied to having the life and career you deserve. It's your fastest (and most enjoyable) route to happiness and success.

$ 1297
Or 3 Payments of $ 446
  • 10 1:1 Personalised Coaching Calls (1 75 Minute Onboarding Session, 9 60 Minute Sessions) — recorded so you have lifetime access, anywhere and anytime.
  • Complimentary Gallup CliftonStrengths Assessment
  • Workbooks, done-for-you templates, study resources and assignments between coaching sessions to move you forward and help you see results fast.
  • Personalized review of your Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn.
  • Feedback and support for all job applications made during the programme.
  • Email/Whatsapp support between sessions and for one month after programme’s end.
  • Curated booklist to inspire you and help you grow personally and professionally.
  • BONUS PAY IN FULL: One extra 60 minute coaching call to be used at a time convenient to you.

Success Stories

It's Time To Build A Career That Finally Feels Right For You

I’m Laura, former HR professional and successful entrepreneur turned Career Coach for Millennials & Gen Z. 

My mission is to empower as many young professionals as possible to build meaningful, high impact and successful careers. 

I created Career Power Up because I know how awful it is to feel like your life and career have just “happened” to you. 

Like you’re operating on autopilot, knowing you’re not maximizing your potential, and not living life to the fullest. 

That was me, back in 2015, when I worked for a big gas and electric giant as a HR Coordinator. On paper, I was successful. In reality, I was miserable. 

Looking back, I realized I had fallen into a career path because it seemed like what I “should” do next, having recently graduated from a top European Business School. 

I felt under pressure to find a “good-on-paper” job that reflected the investment I had made in my education, and then quickly progress up that proverbial corporate ladder.

The biggest lesson I learned? When it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. 

I decided to reclaim control over my career. I decided to intentionally design the lifestyle I wanted. I decided to live out my own version of success. 

My signature Career Success Framework is the exact framework I used to build a career and life that brings me happiness, success and fulfillment. 

Since then, I’ve had the privilege of working with clients from all over the world, helping them make their next career-defining move and accelerate their happiness and success. 

Ready to get started? I’d love for you to be my next success story. 

Qualifications: MSc International Human Resources Management, ICF Certified Coach, Erickson International 

Not Quite Ready To Commit To A Package?I offer 90 minute 1:1 career intensives focused on supporting you in a specific area of your career development or job search.

90 Minute 1:1 Career Intensives

The Career Intensive is a value packed 90 minute session focused on one specific area of your career development / job search, designed to move the needle and fast. Get tailored career coaching and strategy for 90 minutes plus a personalized action plan to implement so you can smash your goals and reach your potential.

* If you decide to sign up for the Career Power Up programme following a Career Intensive, the $ 150 will be deducted from the total cost.

Example Topics: Mindset & Confidence, Career Clarity, Personal Branding, Job Search Strategy, Interview Preparation, Salary Negotiation, Landing a Promotion, Networking, Time Management, Finding Balance...

$ 150
  • Pre-coaching needs assessment
  • 1 90 Minute 1:1 Personalized Coaching Call — recorded so you have lifetime access, anywhere & anytime
  • A follow-up action plan
  • Email/Whatsapp support for one week after session