Power Me

1:1 individual coaching programme To successfully reinvent your career



You followed the rules, got good grades, got a good job, and started to work your way up the ladder. On the outside, you’re successful. However, something deep down is saying to you ‘is this really it?’. 

But it wasn’t easy to get here. You’ve worked hard, and invested time and energy into your career so far. It’s not easy to decide to take a different direction. And how do you know which direction to take?  For most of us, it feels like a bit of a mystery. 

You’re probably feeling stressed, overwhelmed and frustrated as you just can’t seem to figure out what you want or how to get it. It seems as though adulthood has just happened all of a sudden and it’s not as fun as you thought it would be. You’re fed up of your life and career reflecting someone else’s definition of success, and you’ve spent way too many hours trying to come up with a plan to ‘get out’ of your current reality and see clearly. 

A part of you thinks you should be happy you’ve got a job at all when so many others don’t. But you can’t shake that feeling that you want to do work that has meaning, that has a positive impact on the world and those around you. You know it’s time for a change. 

Power Me is your ticket to getting unstuck, discovering your direction and designing your dream career. 

power me is an application only programme. Please do get in touch to arrange your complimentary call and see if working together is a good fit.

Power Me will give you: 

More clarity on the most authentic career options for you.

Exploration of jobs and possibilities you didn’t even know existed 

The opportunity to better understand yourself, your values and what’s truly important to you

An evaluation of your skills, experiences, strengths and core values 

Confidence to pursue your goals and let go of your miserable current gig 

An action plan to create your dream career 

Your 3 step career reinvention system

Step 1: Evaluate 

We’ll spend the first quarter of the course identifying what you like, don’t like, what your values are, what you’re good at and so much more. You’ll receive resources such as personality assessments, exercises and suggested reading list which will allow us to start brainstorming what career paths may suit your unique gifts and core values. 

We will intentionally create a vision for the career you dream of. We will also dig deep into your current mindset, identify what’s holding you back from reaching your full potential and then smash through these barriers. 

You will become aware of options that are open to you that you currently may not know exist. You will move past the belief that you’re ‘totally stuck’ or ‘can’t leave your job’ and develop a vision based on limitless possibility. Remember, the only thing that is ever ‘stuck’ is your own thinking. 

Step 2: Brainstorm 

We’ll explore which career paths are possible for you and develop your self-awareness. In doing so, you’ll see new opportunities you never saw before and develop a real understanding of your natural gifts and talents.  

Step 3: Action

You’ll be provided with the tools  you need to commit to your chosen path and make it happen. This includes your personal brand, building a network, telling your story effectively and revamping your CV & cover letter.  

Power me is based on these three key steps to achieve career clarity

Introducing Power Me

PowerMe is right for you if any of the following apply: 

You’re feeling lost, like you’ve lost your motivation and are unsure of your purpose

You’re unclear about which career you want to transition to and have no idea how to get there 

You’re just starting out in your career and have no idea which direction to take 

You’re navigating career uncertainty and know it’s time for a change 

You want to do work that is meaningful and positively impacts yourself and the world

You want to do work that is aligned to your core values and brings you success, fulfilment and satisfaction 

You’re ready to do the work required to shift your life and career  

Thousands of Millennial and Gen Z women around the world have been working so hard, giving it their all, going for big goals, only to realise over time that they have ended up in the wrong place. Most of these women know that deep down something better is waiting for them.

With many women navigating career disruptions, uncertainties and challenges due to the current economic climate, there has never been a better time to retake control of your life and make the bold decision to transition careers and move to the next step.

PowerMe is the accelerator you need to successfully transition to a career you love, increase your fulfilment and create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

PowerMe is for women who want to transition to something totally different, are looking for a new job in the same field, or who want a new career in a different industry using similar skills. It’s also for women who are just starting out on their career journey, and are struggling to know which direction to take.  

There is literally no better time than now to embrace change and move to your next step.

I only work with individuals who are ready to make big, bold changes to transform their lives. It’s for Millennial & Gen Z women who are committed to doing what’s necessary to bring about the shifts they want to see most in their life and career.

Private coaching programmes with me, Laura, are offered on a limited basis. For more information and to discuss working with me, please book your complimentary consultation below to explore if working together is a good fit. 

Power Me

What if you were able to get clear on the best career path for you?

What if going to bed on Sunday nights made you feel inspired and excited for Monday morning? 

How would your life change if your career felt intentional, ‘right’ and fulfilling? 


Discover your true calling, get paid what you’re worth, and feel fulfilled by your work

What can you expect from this programme?

More clarity on the most authentic career options for you

Exploration of jobs and possibilities you didn’t even know existed 

The opportunity to better understand yourself, your values and what’s truly important to you

An evaluation of your skills, experiences, strengths and core values 

Confidence to pursue your goals and let go of your miserable current gig 

An action plan to create your dream career 


PowerMe is the bespoke 1:1 programme for Millennial & Gen Z women looking for quality  individual support as they commit to making big changes, reinventing their careers, and boosting their career success.

The dynamic of the individual coaching partnership encourages accountability and fast progression. 

The below topics are the 12 most important topics you need to understand if you want to build incredible success and happiness. However, the 1:1, personalised  nature of this programme means that it is very much client lead; if you have a particular area you’d like to focus more on, that can absolutely be arranged. 

Sessions are conducted via Zoom and all calls are recorded. 



Define Your Purpose, Mission & Values 

You can’t start thinking about your perfect life and career if you don’t know what is truly important to you. Learn to identify and understand your purpose, mission and values. 



Determine your Personal Picture of Life & Career Success 

Success is subjective. Decide what success looks like to you, and how you can create a life/career to reflect that. 



Identify & Leverage Your Talents, Skills & Experiences

Being able to articulate your strengths, experiences and skills makes achieving your goals a whole lot easier. Assess your talents, skills & experiences and learn how to communicate about them effectively. These skills will inspire your truest career vision to give you maximum fulfilment. 



Align Your Career With Your Purpose, Mission & Values

Experiment with new career paths to find the right one for you. You’ll get crystal clear whether it’s time for a career pivot to something totally different, a new job in the same field, or a new career in a different industry but using similar skills. 



Build Your Personal Brand

This is all about how you will differentiate yourself from everyone else and establish yourself as an authority. Learn how to build an effective personal brand and own your story so that connecting with you makes total sense to your target audience. 




Develop Resilience & a Success Mindset

Upgrade your mindset to see what’s really possible for you. Build psychological resilience for career transition or entrepreneurship. We’ll look at how to find motivation and create habits and routines to make sure you achieve your goals. 



Develop Personal Accountability & Define Your Action Steps

Determine what you need to do to make your dream happen, and how you can take ownership of your results. We’ll also look at how to write effective CVs & cover letters. 



Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs & Obstacles

Learning strategies that will help silence that unhelpful inner dialogue that fills you full of doubt, fear and stress.



Build The Confidence & Creativity To Thrive

Build creativity, self-confidence, self-esteem and self-belief. Amplify your sense of what you are capable of and learn how to generate new ideas. This is absolutely crucial to your success. 



Step Into Empowered Self-Leadership

Learn how to masterfully lead yourself so you can create the success you want in your career and life. 



Cultivate Your Own Amazing Support Network 

Connect with key thought leaders in your industry, mentors and partners so you can grow your confidence, unlock new opportunities and develop long lasting relationships. 



Celebrations & Reflections 

Celebrating you, your wins and biggest take aways. 


We spend 90 000 hours of our life at work. That’s a really, really long time; especially if you’re not happy or fulfilled doing what you’re doing. 

That’s why I’m so passionate about helping people find their purpose and reinvent their careers . At its core, it’s about finding out who you are, what’s really important to you, what your truest gifts are: and creating a career around that. 

With Power Me, you will learn how to finally figure out who you really are, discover career paths you didn’t even know existed and learn how to make the best choice for you moving forward. 

My signature 3 step career invention methodology used in Power Me has allowed me and many others to go from stuck in a miserable job to living with purpose every single day. 


More empowered women, dedicated to social change and promoting gender equality, means a more peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. It benefits every aspect of society and humanity, and we all have a part to play in this global movement. 

Much progress has been achieved toward gender equality and women’s empowerment, but there is still a long way to go. 

PowerMe allows women to shine with purpose, fulfil their unique potential and maximise their impact: to embody empowerment and purposefully lead the life they choose. 

Who am I to Coach You?

My name is Laura Leuillier and I’m an ICF certified coach and a successful entrepreneur. I’m also passionate about supporting ambitious women to find their passion, fulfil their potential and build meaningful, high impact careers. 

I have had the privilege of working with women from many different walks of life, helping them to define their mission and live a life of influence, service and success. I believe that by empowering women with the tools, support and community they need, we will create a fairer, more peaceful and sustainable world for everyone. 

At age 22, I moved from my native UK to France and set up a Language Consultancy & Training company, espacelingua.com which is still running today. The experiencing of setting up, managing and growing an organisation abroad has given me real insight to the barriers entrepreneurs often face, the glass ceiling and overcoming confidence challenges. 

Learning a new language and literally re-finding my voice in a different country, in both my personal and professional life, was no easy feat. Before launching my own business, I worked in a handful of organisations; these experiences made me realise what I definitely did not want to do and gave me the motivation to pursue my passion, teaching and coaching others. 

There were many obstacles along the way to starting my own business and on countless occasions I felt like giving up. But my desire to create a life and career aligned to my values and purpose overrode those difficult moments. Today I am privileged to help others find their purpose, build a meaningful career, and create an impactful life. 

My experience of finding my own purpose and building a dream career I love is what inspired me to create Power Me. My signature 3 step career reinvention system will help you discover who you are and how to pivot to a career that is deeply aligned to your core values. 

Power Me  is all of the information I wish I’d had when I was thinking about changing career. I would have found my way to fulfilment and success much quicker, and would have bypassed most of the difficult mistakes I experienced. 

I’m here to ask you questions you can’t think to ask… and to help you find the answers that you didn’t even know were there all along inside you. 

You don’t have to settle for that 9-5 that sucks your soul.  

I’d love to work with you.