More than 80% of Millennials do not think their organisation knows how to manage and motivate them

Only 29% of Millennials are  engaged at work 

More than 80% of Millennial women have taken a job that didn’t match their career values 

Project dialogue has two aims

1. To help organisations harness generational differences so they can attract, motivate and retain the workforce of the future 

2. To help Millennial women find their purpose and build meaningful, high impact and successful careers

Intergenerational Leadership Coaching for Multigenerational Teams

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Three generations in the workplace means three distinctive perspectives, values and life experiences. The result for businesses is often conflict, poor productivity and high employee turnover.

It’s by meeting people where they are that organisations will achieve seamless collaboration between generations. My goal is to equip you with the tools to bring your workforce together and create happy, motivated, and productive teams.

I have 5 years experience of training design and delivery. I’ve worked with Boomers, Gen Xers and other Millennials/Gen Zers in many different companies, giving me the opportunity to understand both sides of the story. 

There are many advantages of a diverse workforce. Each generation is an asset with a unique voice that can bring a lot to the table. I fully believe that supporting businesses to create more equitable, inclusive workplaces will contribute to a fairer society; where everyone, irrespective of their age, gender, background, culture or religion, have the confidence and opportunity to voice their ideas, creativity and wisdom.

It is for this reason that a % of Project Dialogue profits are donated to a selection of charities working in the following areas:

– Women’s Equality &  Advancement 

– Environment & Combatting Climate Change 

– Community Education & Training

Organisations are free to choose between these partnered charities; to donate to the one which speaks to them the most.  

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Career Coaching for Millennial & Gen Z Women

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I’m also passionate about working with Millennial women, helping them to find their purpose and build meaningful, high impact and successful careers. So many young women are in careers that are not aligned with their values, and that don’t provide the opportunity  to identify and leverage their unique talents. 

I believe everyone deserves to feel as though the work they are doing is contributing to something meaningful. In my coaching programmes, I use my signature Career Success model to help my clients figure out their why and find their dream career. 

I empower women to take control of their life and careers, supporting them to build confidence, overcome self-limiting beliefs and disengage from external obstacles that have traditionally held women back since time immemorial. 

It is by equipping women with the tools, support and community they need, we will create a fairer, more peaceful and sustainable world for everyone.

This service is available for organisations and also for private individuals. 

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